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Medical Facilities

We recognize that proper cleaning plays a crucial role in limiting the spread of infectious disease and promoting human health. MSNW uses the most advanced cleaning methods and equipment available, and we’re fully committed to ensuring our medical facility clients receive the absolute highest standard of cleaning, every time.

Our priority is providing a safe and sanitary environment for your patients and staff.

Here’s how we do it:

Each staff member is carefully selected and fully screened before beginning work.


Before entering your building, each staff member undergoes extensive training as it applies to his or her job, including:

  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Hazardous waste handling and removal
  • Critical care training
Ultraviolet inspections:

We utilize black lights to reveal any areas that need attention.

Continuous improvement:

Our comprehensive business cleaning service and safety plan is regularly reviewed and upgraded to incorporate new tools, methods and standards.

Commercial Janitorial Services

With over fifteen years of commercial janitorial experience, you’ll find our expectations exceed even yours. Our quality-driven, detailed cleaning services give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your site will look its best.

Our One Source Management System janitorial contracting means your work order is automatically entered, tracked, and documented for quick response and follow-through. And our professional staff is dedicated to providing outstanding service on every visit.

Safe for You and the Environment

Green cleaning means every product we use is certified under the Green Seal GS-37 standard to contain fewer toxic or hazardous chemicals—to keep people safer and reduce the release of polluting chemicals into the environment.

At MSNW, we’ve always been conscious of our environmental responsibility, and we continually seek to improve our efforts.

Our cleaning process emphasizes advanced methods and technologies, including:

  • Efficiency in water and energy use
  • Managing waste
  • Choosing environmentally preferred cleaning products
  • Training staff in spills management, water conservation, waste disposal and recycling.
  • Using microfiber technology in all cloths and mops to remove dirt and pollutants, instead of moving them around

Maintaining our renowned standard of cleanliness while minimizing harm to the environment—it just comes naturally to MSNW.

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