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Management Musings – Live your One Exciting Life

June 7, 2013

All of us get just one exciting life to live here on this earth. How are we going to use it? This was our speaker, Adria Libolt’s, opening remark at my daughter’s graduation from high school last night.  Though making a difference as a teacher, Adria felt called to another vocation as a Deputy Warden in the Michigan Department of Corrections where she spent over 20 years in prisons.  Certainly an important question for a high school senior to consider as they are making plans for their futures, but what about the rest of us?

I believe that we are here on earth for a purpose. Each of us has different gifts and talents and when used to our greatest potential will provide excitement and joy to our lives and to others around us.  Many are in jobs that they dread to go to each day.  A recent statistic in Forbes Magazine stated that 74% of employees are dissatisfied in their work.  If we are unhappy with where we currently stand in life, at work or at home, isn’t it only us who can make the choice to change it? As we hire employees to join our team at Management Services Northwest, we seek those with the skills to do the work, but even more so, we seek the passion around the work. When we find the individual that loves what they do and is also very good at it, we are confident we have made a successful match. 

My management team and I were challenged recently to pick one area of our work or home life that was holding us back, and to create an actionable way over the next 90 days to change it. We then wrote it down and shared with each other so we could be held accountable for improvement.  We have improvement statements including:

  •   I commit to not complain at home for the next 90 days.
  •   I commit to set time to manage my emails every day.
  •   I commit to bringing a positive attitude to every discussion.

Whatever stage we are at in life – a recent graduate, a busy Mom managing a household, in the height of a career, or enjoying retirement, we have an opportunity to provide great influence.  This influence can be negative, or positive and life building.  Are we making choices to live our lives where we can have the most positive impact on our families and friends, our work, and our communities?  Let’s make the most out of our one exciting life.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  Frederick Buechner

Sustainable Connections

April 19, 2012

As an excited speaker we would like to invite you to join us and Sustainable Connections for a day and a half of invaluable information and hands-on instruction about Lean business, beating rising costs, delivering exceptional customer service, local financing and much more.

This year’s conference will focus on providing strategies and tools to help you and your business succeed. The conference will kick off with a festive opening Localicious* Reception and keynote on Thursday evening. Friday’s lineup includes local and regional speakers offering inspiration around what’s possible and sharing their true confessions as business owners. And, not to be missed, Ciao Thyme is back again this year serving a delicious local lunch.

Plan now to attend the most important business event of 2012 and spend a value packed evening and day connecting with us, fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders exploring the latest and most innovative approaches and practices for a lean and thriving business.  Read more…

*Locally Grown, Raised, or Produced + Delicious Food & Drink = Localicious

St. Joseph Hospital Foundation Gala – June 4, 2011

June 5, 2011

We soared to new heights at the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation Gala last night in Bellingham.  It was a perfect pre summer evening with temperatures in the low 70’s and a beautiful venue in a tented pavilion on the hospital grounds. Thank you to our friends the Curnows, Fritts, Larsons, and Matthews for joining us at our Management Services Northwest table.

It was a wonderful evening where over 44o friends of the Hospital gathered for great food and fellowship, and to celebrate those who give back wholeheartedly to their communities not as an obligation, but rather as a way of life.  As our own  renown Dr. Ian Thompson said, “I am, we are, so very blessed.”

Some of the fabulous people that attended the event with us!


Management Musings 10/22/09

October 22, 2009

I had the privilege of speaking to the AVID classes at Ferndale High School this week about believing in themselves, dreaming big, and the power that positive thinking and positive words have in their lives.  It was refreshing to see such bright young minds, so eager to learn.

Speaking to the kids was a great reminder to me of the importance of believing in myself and my team members as we navigate this new business world we are living in.  Life can drag us all down.  When we become adults the responsibility of being a parent, running a home, and making a living can be challenging.   I will tell myself this week what I told the awesome students of Ferndale High – Never, never give up.  When you fall down, or are kicked down, you must always get back up, put one foot in front of the other, and keep going.  When you believe in yourself, and give your very best in every situation, you cannot fail.  You can only learn and grow.

You can do it if you believe you can!  Napoleon Hill

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