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March 16, 2012

Here we are in March and many are “mad” about basketball.  It has been a thrilling month for us in the small town of Lynden as for the first time both schools won the State Basketball Title.  Earlier this month many of us took the trek to Yakima, Washington for the State 1A and 2A Basketball State Tournament.  All four teams – Lynden Christian High School and Lynden High School Boys and Girls made it through regionals to the State tournament and so many people from our town went to cheer on the teams that a Facebook comment was made, “Last one out of Lynden turn out the lights!”

It was an exciting week as the four teams won the first day at the Sundome and were on to the semi-finals.  After several hard fought games, Girls teams ended up placing 3rd and 5th in State, and both Boys teams came home with the gold ball as champions!

As I watched the teams play it was easy to see what teams were really in sync and it reminded me the commonalities of effective teams, not just on the basketball court but in the business world.  A team could have many talented individuals playing on the same team or talented individuals playing together as a team.  I noticed some players who seemed intent on winning the game on their own often failed because they didn’t utilize their team members.  One young man paused just a second too long because he didn’t want to pass the ball to a particular player, and it was turned over to the other team.

However, when teams played together and were in sync they had fun, enjoyed success, and accomplished great results including a State Championship.


Congratulations Lyncs and Lions!

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